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record +‎ -ist


recordist (plural recordists)

  1. Someone who makes sound recordings.
  2. Someone who plays a recorder.
    • 1954, Kansas Music Review - Volumes 16-18, page 23:
      Audio Devices, Inc., announce two prize contests, one for Home Recordists, and the other for Church Recordists.
    • 1960, The American Recorder - Volumes 1-2, page 19:
      A Concert for Three Recordists by Matthew Locke was the program piece.
    • 1961, Watkins Shaw, Music in the Secondary School, page 71:
      The more our young recordists can be encouraged to play among themselves in groups with and without piano accompaniment, in their own homes, the better.
    • 1981, Arthur Cohn, Recorded Classical Music:
      For that matter Somary doesn't lack name performers: John Wilbraham is the trumpet soloist and one of the recordists is David Munrow.