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A meteorite on Mars with regmaglypts


From Ancient Greek ῥῆγμα (rhêgma, a breakage, fracture, rupture, ruin, something torn), and Ancient Greek γλυπτόν (gluptón, a carving, sculpture).


regmaglypt (plural regmaglypts)

  1. (astronomy, geology) A shallow indentation or pit on the surface of a meteorite, resembling a thumbprint impression in clay, created by ablation while falling in an atmosphere.
    • 1960, E. L. Krinov, Principles of Meteoritics, page 257:
      But, as the author has established, when an individual sample of a meteorite shower has a semi-orientated shape (roughly conoid, as in the given case), it must have definite morphological properties: on its front surface it must have a fully developed typical regmaglypt - relief which has had time to form during the sample's movement at cosmic speed after its separation from the main meteoric body.
    • 1965 June 1, “Advances in Meteoritics in Western Australia”, in Meteoritics, volume 2, number 4, page 318:
      This, the Warburton Range meteorite, weights 125 lbs and is a single mass displaying regmaglypt patterns on its surface.
    • 1994, O. Richard Norton, Rocks from space: meteorites and meteorite hunters, page 141:
      The largest Henbury meteorites show beautiful regmaglypt structures. Some are oriented, displaying a shieldlike form produced when a meteoroid passes through the atmosphere without tumbling and ablates, primarily on the leading side.


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