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re- +‎ kick


rekick (third-person singular simple present rekicks, present participle rekicking, simple past and past participle rekicked)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To kick for a second time (such as a ball, in sports).
    • 2007, The Associated Press, Titan Sets Record With Eight Field Goals, New York Times
      The Texans recovered their first onside kick attempt but had to rekick after an illegal formation penalty.


rekick (plural rekicks)

  1. The action of swinging a foot or leg for a second time (or the flight of an object kicked again).
    • 2007, Judy Battista, Icing Kicker: New Tactic Has Drawn Double Take, New York Times
      The rekick ricocheted off an upright, the Broncos eventually won the game and a fad was born.