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From re- +‎ purpose.



repurpose (third-person singular simple present repurposes, present participle repurposing, simple past and past participle repurposed)

  1. To reuse for a different purpose, on a long-term basis, without alteration.
    The town common was repurposed as a practice field.
    • 2019 October 23, Rail, page 68, photo caption:
      Looking north towards Moorgate, through the new tunnel being built at Bank for southbound Northern Line services. More than half a mile of new tunnels have been excavated, producing nearly 200,000 tonnes of material which is being repurposed as building material in Dartford.
    • December 13 2021, Molly Ball, Jeffrey Kluger and Alejandro de la Garza, “Elon Musk: Person of the Year 2021”, in Time Magazine[1]:
      Tesla has repurposed the lightweight, energy-dense cells that power its cars for huge grid-scale batteries that provide essential backup for renewables.
  2. To alter to make more suited for a different purpose.
    The church was repurposed as a nightclub by lighting changes and removing the pews, but it never opened.