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The reredos in Hereford Cathedral, England


From rere (rear) + French dos (back).


Alternative forms[edit]


reredos (plural reredoses)

  1. A screen or decoration behind the altar in a church, usually depicting religious iconography or images.
    • 1871, The Sacristy: A Quarterly Review of Ecclesiastical Art and Literature, Volume 1, John Hodges, London, page 246,
      A bad reredos will ruin the best church ever designed; and, although a good reredos cannot convert a bad church into a good one, it may do much to lessen the offensiveness of its badness.
    • 1998, Paul V. M. Flesher, Rereading the Reredos: David, Orpheus, and Messianism in the Dura Europa Syngogue, Dān Ûrman, Paul Virgil McCracken Flesher (editors), Ancient Synagogues: Historical Analysis and Archaeological Discovery, page 363,
      Confusion has reigned in scholarly interpretation, however, because the dark-colored leaves have shown through the succeeding coats of paint across the reredos, interfering with the later scenes.
    • 2007, F. E. Howard, English Church Woodwork, page 137,
      There seem to be no remains of wooden reredoses of the fourteenth century, though there are a number of examples in stone.
  2. The back of an open fire-hearth, in medieval halls.