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re- +‎ spot


respot (third-person singular simple present respots, present participle respotting, simple past and past participle respotted)

  1. (sports, billiards, snooker, pool) To replace a ball on its correct spot on a snooker, billiards or pool table.
  2. (sports, bowling) To replace a pin to its correct position prior to a player bowling.
    • 1928, Louise Patterson Van Sickle, Physical Education Activities for High School Girls, page 105:
      Should a pin fall in removing the dead wood it must be respotted, and pins knocked over by pin or pins rebounding from any other alley must be respotted.
    • 1968, Donald Rex Casady & Marie Liba, Beginning bowling, page 29:
      The pins are respotted and the player bowls again.
  3. To move a commercial or military vehicle or vehicles into a new position in order to make room for other activity or to allow the moved vehicles to be worked on.
    • 1963, Central Railway Club of Buffalo, Chronicle (volumes 72-76, page 79)
      This method insures that the stopping of cars will not gradually fall out of tolerance with a consequent loss of time to respot.
    • 1963, Railway Purchases and Stores - Volume 56, page 27:
      Cars with individual loading hatches have to be respotted several times, depending on length, and have their loading spout relocated.
    • 1990, American Railway Bridge and Building Association, Proceedings (page 109)
      Sanding should be performed in conjunction with fueling to avoid respotting locomotives.
    • 2013, John Lundstrom, Black Shoe Carrier Admiral, →ISBN:
      The Sara frantically respotted fighters for launch, even while Fletcher and Kinkaid warily tracked the suspected enemy group circling to the southwest.
  4. (manufacturing) To perform the final welds on a manufactured item.
    • 1966, George L. Ritchie, Electronics Construction Techniques, page 33:
      Tack the work pieces with one spot and check for proper relative position of pieces. Sometimes the pieces can be separated and respotted if necessary.
    • 1992, Donald Gerwin & Harvey Kolodny, Management of advanced manufacturing technology:
      Next, the body is conveyed to another special conveyor for loading the roof manually, welding the roof using robotics and fixed automation, respotting the entire body using thirty robots, and some minor operations.
    • 2012, Koichi Shimokawa, Ulrich Jürgens, & Takahiro Fujimoto, Transforming Automobile Assembly, →ISBN:
      Up to 32 clamping robots and six welding robots can be installed in one box. Respotting of the bodies then follows in nine respotting boxes.


respot (plural respots)

  1. An operation in which commercial or military vehicles are respotted.
    • 1980, A Collection of Technical Papers: AIAA Aircraft Systems:
      Final recovery, respot and servicing may be conducted after this period.
    • 2013, John B. Lundstrom, The First Team, →ISBN:
      At 0850, he directed her commanding officer, Captain Frederick C. Sherman, to ready a combat patrol, a needless order because Sherman had already begun a massive respot of the crowded flight deck to facilitate the launch of Fighting Two.
  2. (manufacturing) The final welding on a manufactured item.
    • 1979, William R. Tanner, Industrial Robots: Applications, page 154:
      As pretacked bodies approach the automatic respot line on the body build trucks, the latches that hold them to the trucks are manually released.
    • 1984, Welding Design & Fabrication - Volume 57, Issues 7-12, page 44:
      Reaching for a T- Wagon body, robots at Chrysler, Windsor, make automatic respot welds where roof bows meet body sides.
    • 2002, Jose E. Cassiolato & Hubert Schmitz, Hi-Tech for Industrial Development, →ISBN, page 165:
      The Body Assembly plant in São Bernardo was organised in three separate production areas up to the Respot Line (final welding).