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retract +‎ -able


  • IPA(key): /ɹiˈtɹæktɪbəl/, /ɹəˈtɹæktəbəl/


retractable (not comparable)

  1. Capable of being retracted; retractile.
    • 1960 February, “The first of London's new Piccadilly Line trains is delivered”, in Trains Illustrated, page 94:
      Features such as trackless doors, mercury-type door interlocks, roof-mounted door fault indicator lights, rubber window glazing, improved retractable shoegear and a modified electro-pneumatic brake system designed to facilitate maintenance and improve reliability, which have proved their worth on the prototype trains, are continued in the new stock.
    • 2021 May 19, David Clough, “Swiss precision meets UK growth”, in RAIL, number 931, page 57:
      He says the company's FLIRT design, in particular its retractable steps, provides greater accessibility, while the technology is highly innovative and reliable.

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retractable (plural retractables)

  1. A retractable pen.
    • 1979, Douglas Adams, chapter 21, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, London: Pan Books:
      Somewhere in the cosmos, he said, [] there was also a planet entirely given over to Biro life forms. [] Veet Voogajig suddenly claimed to have found this planet, and to have worked there for a while driving a limousine for a family of cheap green retractables []