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pull-down (countable and uncountable, plural pull-downs)

  1. (computing) A dynamic menu; a list of options in a computer application which appears below a heading when it is selected, and remains only as long as the user needs it.
  2. (biology) A technique by which a protein is brought down in a test tube by another.
  3. (signal processing) The conversion of video footage to a higher frame rate by duplicating certain frames.
    • 2013, David Mellor, Sound Person's Guide to Video (page 216)
      When a TV monitor is in shot, and the film is transferred to video through the normal 2:3 pulldown there will be a strobing effect where the film and video frame rates clash.
  4. (usually uncountable) Dodder (plant of genus Cuscuta).
  5. (juggling) A trick done with rings where each ring is pulled down over the head instead of being caught and held in the hand.
    • 1994, Haggis McLeod, KNOW THE GAME - JUGGLING, →ISBN:
      Another classic trick with rings is the 'pull-down'. This can only be done with rings that fit easily over your head.
    • 2004, Luke Holman, Hardest, most tech trick on the net, May 12 2004 via Google Groups
      For example, the 11 ring pulldown didn't stick in my head because I don't really juggle rings, and I have no conception of how hard it is.
  6. (exercise) An exercise mostly performed by pulling cables, a bar, or handles from a machine situated diagonally to the front top of the sportsman and targetting the rear muscles.


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