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Alternative forms[edit]


Fanciful diminutive of obsolete ridge (real; used in reference to gold). Australian from 1953. [1]


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ridgy-didge (comparative more ridgy-didge, superlative most ridgy-didge)

  1. (Australia, colloquial) Genuine, authentic, true; honest, upright.
    Are you ridgy-didge? - Do you really mean that? Are you telling the truth?
    • 2003, Gabrielle Lord, Lethal Factor, 2010, unnumbered page,
      ‘Colin Reeves,’ I said. ‘He′s ridgy-didge, is he?’
      ‘Yeah, young Reeves is solid,’ Bob said. ‘Straight up and down. Although you′d never know it from the way he looks these days . . .’
    • 2011, Bill King, King of the Outback, page 162,
      ‘No, it′s ridgy-didge. I kid you not.’
    • 2011, Bruce Guthrie, Man Bites Murdoch: Four Decades in Print, Six Days in Court, page 280,
      In the normal scheme of things a senior editor would have agreed on the sum with the seller having already defrayed the costs around the group, asking for, say, $3000 from each of the Sundays after assuring them the photos were ‘ridgy-didge’.
  2. (Australia, colloquial) Good, fine.
    • 2001, Bryce Courtenay, Four Fires, Volume 1, 2010, Large print edition, page 278,
      Sit them in the dam, wait for the fire to pass over, everything will be ridgy-didge.
    • 2004, John Little, Down to the Sea, 2012, unnumbered page,
      [] I don′t know if I would have managed a commission. I don′t know if I was bright enough for that. But I was a pretty ridgy-didge soldier.’



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