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right on (comparative more right on, superlative most right on)

  1. Correct and apropos; perfectly true.
    • 2010, Anne Miller, Permission to Speak Freely, →ISBN:
      That's just so right on. It's so true.
    • 2011, R. D. Smiley, Cotman: The Jaylene Olivia Josalene Cotman Story, →ISBN, page 244:
      Joseph was right on. New York was what Jaylene wanted.
    • 2011, James Shinn, Faith and Loving On the Way To Heaven: Self-Help for Sinners and Saints!, →ISBN:
      Every time James asked his brother for an opinion, it was right on.
    • 2012, Andrew Page, Memoirs of a Scheduler, →ISBN, page A-136:
      I verified that information with Jack who said she was right on.
  2. Alternative form of right-on.
    • 2008, From Moderate Chastisement to Mandatory Arrest, →ISBN:
      The folks at VAWA were kickass, their politics were completely right on and it's total West Wing. People are there trying to affect change in this certain context. And it was so heartening in this way seeing people being so right on. It was also kind of scary to see people being so right on and this was the best completely right on people could do in the system at this point (SFA).
    • 2016, Nick Soulsby, Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters, →ISBN:
      The whole underground scene where we come from is just so right on and maybe that's the way we justify why we've pursued this so far on this level is to maybe open doors, some doors that have been opened for us, by bands who've made dents, who've preceded us.


right on

  1. (US, idiomatic) An expression of enthusiasm or encouragement.
    • 1981 August 15, Cliff Flanders, “Anti-Masculinists”, in Gay Community News, volume 9, number 5, page 4:
      Right on to Jean Segaloff and her Speaking Out column, "The Myth of the 'Feminist Male!" A man who calls himself a "feminist" is akin to a white civil rights worker who calls him or herself a "black activist."
    I knew you could do it. Right on!

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