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ring light (plural ring lights)

  1. (photography) A continuous circular strip of light around a camera lens (either directly on the rim or as a standalone item) for the purpose of evenly illuminating the subject.
    Coordinate term: ring flash
    Synonym: ring lamp
    • 2020 April 24, Ellie Violet Bramley, quoting Hayley Hall, “Let there be light: the new must-have for celebrities in lockdown”, in The Guardian[1]:
      So-called selfie ring lights have been big business. “A small ring light will help to lift the complexion and bring radiance to counteract any shadows that may appear,” says Hayley Hall, a beauty influencer who has a YouTube channel and more than 27,000 Instagram followers.
    • 2022 November 8, Allison Theresa, “Sadie Robertson Huff Preaches Submissive Womanhood. Her Message Is Uncomfortably Compelling.”, in Cosmopolitan[2]:
      In person, Huff looks exactly as she does on her massively popular Instagram account, her sheer foundation and subtle bronze eyeshadow catching the spotlight just like they do the ring light.