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roll-on (not comparable)

  1. (of deodorant, etc.) Applied by means of a ball that can be rotated to pick up liquid from the inner reservoir.


roll-on (plural roll-ons)

  1. (dated, often in the plural) A type of corset which is rolled on to the body.
    • 1997, Marianne Thesander, The Feminine Ideal, p. 139:
      Roll-ons and lastex[sic] corsets in tube form were a lighter type of corset mostly worn by young women and under summer clothes.
    • 2007, Michele Hanson, The Guardian, 6 Nov 2007:
      We've had [] the Dior padded hips and bosoms, bustles for big bums, roll-ons for flat bums, and who remembers Sabrina in the 50s? She had to be hour-glass shape.
  2. A cosmetic product (especially a deodorant) applied by means of a ball at the head of a container, which rolls the product on to the skin etc.
    • 1999, Laura Craik, The Guardian, 16 Jul 1999:
      I never minded aerosols. But in the interests of the environment, I changed to roll-ons.






  1. roll-on (cosmetic product)


Inflection of roll-on (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative roll-on roll-onit
genitive roll-onin roll-onien
partitive roll-onia roll-oneja
illative roll-oniin roll-oneihin
singular plural
nominative roll-on roll-onit
accusative nom. roll-on roll-onit
gen. roll-onin
genitive roll-onin roll-onien
partitive roll-onia roll-oneja
inessive roll-onissa roll-oneissa
elative roll-onista roll-oneista
illative roll-oniin roll-oneihin
adessive roll-onilla roll-oneilla
ablative roll-onilta roll-oneilta
allative roll-onille roll-oneille
essive roll-onina roll-oneina
translative roll-oniksi roll-oneiksi
instructive roll-onein
abessive roll-onitta roll-oneitta
comitative roll-oneineen
Possessive forms of roll-on (type risti)
possessor singular plural
1st person roll-onini roll-onimme
2nd person roll-onisi roll-oninne
3rd person roll-oninsa