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roof +‎ -er



roofer (plural roofers)

  1. A craftsman who lays, or repairs roofs.
  2. A daredevil who performs stunts on tops of skyscrapers.
    Synonym: rooftopper
    • 2014 May 6, Kevin O'Flynn, “High Times: Meet the Russian Kids Who Take the World's Riskiest Photos”, in
      Ivan, Kirill and Vasilisa are “roofers,” a loose-knit group of insanely non-acrophobic daredevils who scam and sneak their way to the tops of Russia’s highest buildings.
    • 2014 September 10, Karsten Strauss, “Ukrainian Troublemaker Receives $10,000 Award For 'Redecorating' Moscow”, in Forbes:
      This year, as part of his annual “Troublemaker Award,” the startup mentor and entrepreneur decided to spotlight a Ukrainian stunt-climber -- or, "roofer" -- who struck a blow for his home nation by sticking it to neighboring Russia.
    • 2015 December 11, “Daredevils capture breathtaking views atop Christ the Redeemer”, in New York Post:
      “There aren’t many places in Latin America for the roofer to get on so our main aim was to climb Christ the Redeemer,” he said.
    • 2016 February 26, “This Is What It's Like to Climb the 3rd-Tallest Building in Shanghai”, in Inverse:
      Many people say that I don’t look like roofer, which is really good when I try to get into a building which is really good secured. I started roofing two years ago with some friends.