ruffed lemur

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ruffed lemur (plural ruffed lemurs)

  1. Any of several nocturnal lemurs of the genus Varecia, from Madagascar that have white ruffs around the face.
    • 1999, Phyllis Dolhinow, Agustín Fuentes, The Nonhuman Primates, page 128,
      Ruffed lemurs inhabit the eastern rain forest from the Masoala Peninsula to just south of Ranomafana (see Figure 2).
    • 2007, Friderun Ankel-Simons, Primate Anatomy: An Introduction, page 63,
      These ruffed lemur groups engage in loud, barking chorus vocalizations that are regarded as alarm calls, as well as catlike, long, wailing howls that are presumably territorial in nature.
    • 2014, Daniel Austin, Madagascar Wildlife, page 71,
      Ruffed lemurs (genus Varecia) are the largest and arguably most impressive members of the Lemuridae family.

Usage notes[edit]

Prior to 2001, V. rubra was regarded as a subspecies of V. variegata, so that the term ruffed lemur was used synonymously with the latter. Since then, three subspecies of V. variegata have been identified. Both species are critically endangered (2008 Red List assessment).

Derived terms[edit]