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saxum (a stone, rock)


From Old Latin saxom, from Proto-Indo-European *sek- ‎(cut), compare Old Church Slavonic сѣчиво ‎(sěčivo, ax, hatchet), Lithuanian isekti ‎(to engrave, carve), Albanian sate ‎(mattock), Old Saxon segasna, Old English sigðe ‎(scythe), Old English secg ‎(sword), seax ‎(knife, short sword), Old Iranian doescim "I cut".



saxum n ‎(genitive saxī); second declension

  1. A stone, any large rough fragment of rock.
    • Aaron Stone, season 1 episode 16:
      Responsum est sub saxo.
      The answer is under the rock.
  2. (by extension) A wall of stone.


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative saxum saxa
genitive saxī saxōrum
dative saxō saxīs
accusative saxum saxa
ablative saxō saxīs
vocative saxum saxa


Derived terms[edit]

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    • steep rocks: saxa praerupta
    • the rocks re-echo: saxa voci respondent or resonant
    • to pave a road: viam sternere (silice, saxo)
    • to throw some one down the Tarpeian rock: deicere aliquem de saxo Tarpeio