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scalp +‎ -er


scalper (plural scalpers)

  1. One who scalps, or removes the scalp of another.
    • 2013, M. Elise Marubbio, Eric L. Buffalohead, Native Americans on Film: Conversations, Teaching, and Theory
      Denouncing representations of hostile Indians as vicious scalpers of innocent settlers []
  2. (US, Canada) One who scalps tickets to popular entertainment events: buying them in advance and then selling them (e.g. online or just outside the venue of the event), often at inflated prices.
    Synonym: (UK) ticket tout
    We could see three different scalpers moving through the crowd outside the arena, each muttering the characteristic refrain: “Need any tickets?”
  3. (gambling) A gambler who scalps.
    • 1961, John Scarne, Complete Guide to Gambling (page 102)
      The only sure thing about scalping the Series today is that the scalper is paying the bookie a greater profit because he is making a greater number of bets.
  4. (finance) A person on an open outcry exchange trading floor who buys and sells rapidly for his or her own account, aiming to buy from a seller and a little later sell to a buyer, making a small profit from the difference (roughly the amount of the bid/offer spread, or less).
  5. A machine for removing the ends of grain, such as wheat or rye, or for separating the different grades of broken wheat, semolina, etc.
  6. A surgical instrument for scraping carious bones.
    Synonym: scalping-iron





From English scalp +‎ -er.




  1. (transitive) to scalp


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