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From Middle Dutch schuld, also schout, from Old Dutch skult, from Proto-West Germanic *skuldi, from Proto-Germanic *skuldiz.


  • IPA(key): /sxʏlt/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: schuld
  • Rhymes: -ʏlt


schuld f (plural schulden, diminutive schuldje n)

  1. (finance, accounting) debt, account payable
    Antonym: vordering
    Vanwege de exorbitant hoge schulden die hij bij haar had, besloot Annie de Nigeriaanse prins te gijzelen.
    Because of the astronomically high debts he owed to her, Annie decided to take the Nigerian prince as a hostage.
  2. (law, by extension) any obligor’s duty to perform
    Antonym: vordering
  3. blame, fault (responsibility for a mishap or mistake)
    Ze legde de schuld voor de misdaad bij de wanbetaler.
    She laid the blame for the crime on the one who failed to pay.
  4. (law) guilt, culpability
    Maar het hof was overduidelijk over haar schuld voor.
    But the court was abundantly clear about her guilt of deprivation of liberty.
  5. guilt; fault (condition of moral deficiency)
    Door mijn schuld, door mijn schuld, door mijn grote schuld!
    By my fault, by my fault, by my most grievous fault!

Derived terms[edit]




From Schuld.



schuld (strong nominative masculine singular schulder, not comparable)

  1. Only used in schuld sein (to be at fault)

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