search and rescue

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Alternative forms[edit]


search and rescue (countable and uncountable, plural search and rescues)

  1. An effort to save persons whose locations are not precisely known from hazardous situations.
    • 1854, United States Congressional Serial Set, page 218:
      that an expedition may be fitted out by the government of the United States for the Arctic zone, for the search and rescue of the American expedition under the command of Dr. Kane
    • 2001, Sorrel Wilby, Surviving Australia: A Practical Guide to Staying Alive, page 53:
      Assuming a search and rescue is in order, they will appoint the coordinating organization
    • 2006, Michael Lockwood; Graeme Worboys, Ashish Kothari, Protected Areas Management: A Global Guide, page 150:
      Incidents such as fires, search and rescues, wildlife incidents, and other events