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segurar (to hold; to secure) +‎ -ança



segurança f (plural seguranças)

  1. security; safety (condition of not being threatened)
    • 2005, Lya Wyler (translator), J. K. Rowling (English author), Harry Potter e o Enigma do Príncipe (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), Rocco, page 127:
      A segurança está cem vezes mais rigorosa este verão.
      The security is a hundred times more severe this summer.
    Estas grades de ferro estão aqui para nossa segurança. - These iron bars are here for our safety.
  2. (by extension) any object related to the safety of something or some place
  3. certainity; trust
    Falou com segurança.He spoke with certainity.
  4. (rare) the act of holding or sustaining
  5. (military) a set of devices designed to help avoid surprise attacks
  6. (zoology) the pregnancy of quadrupedals


segurança m f (plural seguranças)

  1. an armed agent hired to ensure security or protecting an individual, group or place; watch; guard
    Há muitos seguranças neste estabelecimento.
    There are many armed agents in this building.