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From shameless +‎ -ness.


shamelessness (countable and uncountable, plural shamelessnesses)

  1. (uncountable) The state or characteristic of being shameless.
    • 1853, Charles Kingsley, Hypatia, ch. 7:
      [H]e added to all his other shamelessness this, that he offered the patriarch a large sum of money to buy a bishopric of him.
    • 1914, Joseph Conrad, The Arrow of Gold, ch. 1:
      "For instance as to her shamelessness. She was always ready to run half naked about the hills. . . ."
    • 1919, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Dangerous Days, ch. 50:
      She was quite honest with herself; she knew that she was watching for Clay, and she had a magnificent shamelessness in her quest.
  2. (countable, rare) An utterance or action which is shameless.
    • 1872 May 18, "The Womens Rights' Convention in New York," The Spectator, Volume 45, p. 624:
      Shoals of letters are published every week from all parts of the Union telling stories of the unhappiness produced by marriage, sometimes mere bursts of ill-temper, often cynical shamelessnesses, occasionally stories of deep pathos.
    • 1963, James Joyce and David Hayman, A First-Draft Version of Finnegans Wake (2002 edition), ↑ISBN, p. 109:
      He was able to write in the gloom of his bottle only because of his noseglow nose's glow as it slid over the paper and while he scribbled & scratched nameless shamelessnesses about ethers everybody ever he met. . . .
    • 2006, Judith Weingarten, The Chronicle of Zenobia, ↑ISBN, p. 104:
      He asked of course after Taimsa, who was still dallying in shamelessnesses at Antioch.