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From shimmer +‎ -y (suffix meaning ‘inclined to’ forming adjectives).[1]



shimmery (comparative more shimmery, superlative most shimmery)

  1. (Apparently) shimmering, or shining with a faint, or intermittent or trembling gleam or light.
    Synonyms: ashimmer; see also Thesaurus:shining
    • 1875, E[lizabeth] Lynn Linton, “Truth and Seeming”, in Patricia Kemball. [], Philadelphia, Pa.: J[oshua] B[allinger] Lippincott & Co., OCLC 31578932, page 465:
      He had not known him at first; at least not for certain in the shimmery moonlight; the man he had seen looked younger and of lighter build, he said, and he had not taken him to be his old friend and mate; []
    • 1883 June, Ralph Iron [pseudonym; Olive Schreiner], “Waldo Goes Out to Sit in the Sunshine”, in The Story of an African Farm, 2nd edition, New York, N.Y.: H. M. Caldwell Company, OCLC 5141001, part II, page 387:
      There will always be something worth living for while there are shimmery afternoons.
    • 1895 November, Rudyard Kipling, “Red Dog”, in The Second Jungle Book, London; New York, N.Y.: Macmillan and Co., OCLC 929793067, page 187:
      The length of the gorge on both sides was hung as it were with black shimmery velvet curtains, and Mowgli sank as he looked, for those were the clotted millions of the sleeping bees.
    • 1966, Ray Bradbury, “The Trolley”, in S Is for Space, London: Granada Publishing, published 1983, →ISBN, page 221:
      And then, far off, around a curve of silver track, comes the trolley, balanced on four small steel-blue wheels, and it is painted the color of tangerines. Epaulets of shimmery brass cover it and pipings of gold; and its chrome bell bings if the ancient motorman taps it with a wrinkled shoe.
    • 2009, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “The Arrangers of Marriage”, in The Thing Around Your Neck (A Borzoi Book), New York, N.Y.: Alfred A[braham] Knopf, →ISBN, page 180:
      [] Aunty Ada would base her prostitute judgment on Nia’s lipstick, a shimmery orange, and the eye shadow—similar to the shade of the lipstick—that clung to her heavy lids.
  2. (figuratively) (Apparently) shaking or trembling.

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