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From Turkish şiş kebap, from şiş (skewer) + kebap (kebab).[1]



shish kebab (plural shish kebabs)

  1. A dish made of small pieces of meat, with or without vegetables, which are skewered on a wooden or metal stick and roasted in an oven or over an open fire.
  2. (chemistry) A crystal structure consisting of a central spine (the shish) and disks or lumps growing out from it (the kebab).
    • 1968, A. J. Pennings, Liquid-Crystal Phase Separation in Polymer Solutions, from Characterization of Macromolecular Structure, proceedings of a conference April 5–7, 1967, Warrenton, Virginia, page 219:
      The fibrillar crystals, which are known as shish-kebabs, develop when a 0.5% solution of polyethylene in xylene is cooled off at the rate of 1°C per hour with stirring…
    • 2007, Lingyu Li, Bing Li, Steve L. Kodjie, and Christopher Y. Li, Polyolefin Composites, ed. Domasius Nwabunma and Thein Kyu, chapter 18 Crystallization Behavior of Polyethylene/Carbon Nanotube Composites, section 18.3.1 PE/CNT Nanohybrid Shish-Kebabs Via Solution Crystallization, page 528:
      A shish-kebab polymer crystal usually consists of a central fibril (shish) and disk-shaped folded-chain lamellae (kebab) oriented perpendicularly to the shish as shown in Fig. 18.3a.
    • 2013, Wenbing Hu, Polymer Physics: A Molecular Approach, section 10.3 Crystalline Structures of Polymers, page 207:
      Such a shish-kebab-like crystal morphology is often called shish-kebab crystals.

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