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Alternative forms[edit]


Afrikaans slenter (ploy, scam, stroll, saunter)


shlenter (plural shlenters)

  1. a fake, especially a fake diamond
  2. a scam, ploy, fraud, trick
    • I did a shlenter. I went up to the girl while she was opening the gate and asked her to leave it open. — Peter Taylor, South African Trips: Trip to Appelboskraal via Stadsaal, 2010
  3. a scammer


shlenter (third-person singular simple present shlenters, present participle shlentering, simple past and past participle shlentered)

  1. to get by an underhanded way
  2. to scam, fool, deceive, trick
    • i (sic) think they actually shlentered me though to be honest as i (sic) was under the impression, 2010


shlenter (comparative more shlenter, superlative most shlenter)

  1. fake, not genuine, counterfeit
    • There was a good deal of talk on the about about certain racing men last evening publicly takign "shlenter" wages … — North Otago Times, NZ, Volume XXVIII, Issue 2713, Page 2, Dunedin Races. Third Day., 28 February 1881
    • "Of course," whispers the seller, who had pushed his way to the side of the buyer, "this sale was only shlenter." — Anna Dunphy Bremont, The Gentleman Digger, 1899