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sigma male (plural sigma males)

  1. (Internet slang, neologism, often humorous) A self-reliant and assertive male who occupies a position outside a social or group hierarchy; a lone wolf or maverick.
    • 2010, Sergio J.L.H. Sanders, Life MedsTM, Breakfast & Orange Juice, page 53:
      I was the timid boy, but now developed in the Sigma Male. Captain of my own tug boat, but soon I'll have that Yacht to Sail.
    • 2021 March 9, “What is a sigma male — the so-called rarest man?”, in National Post:
      Recently, chatter on social media has people buzzing about the oh-so-rare sigma male.
    • 2021, Stephen Rodrigues, The Power Game, page 139:
      You can be a piece of shit and be an alpha male, but you can't be a piece of shit and be a high value man. Sigma male is getting closer.

Coordinate terms[edit]