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From the surname of Texas lawyer Samuel Maverick, who refused to brand his cattle. The surname Maverick is from Welsh mawr-rwyce (valiant hero).[1]



maverick (comparative more maverick, superlative most maverick)

  1. Showing independence in thoughts or actions.
    He made a maverick decision.
    He is a maverick person.



maverick (plural mavericks)

  1. An unbranded range animal. [from 1860s]
    • Around 1900, O Henry, A Call Loan
      Long Bill was a graduate of the camp and trail. Luck and thrift, a cool head, and a telescopic eye for mavericks had raised him from cowboy to be a cowman.
  2. One who does not abide by rules. [from 1880s]
    Synonyms: individualist, lone gunman, nonconformist, rebel
  3. One who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices.
    • 2008, Edzard Ernst; Simon Singh, Trick or Treatment, pages 36-37:
      Florence Nightingale would have been perceived as a maverick during her early career, because she was prioritizing hygiene when everybody else involved in healthcare was focused on other things, such as surgery and pills.
  4. (poker slang) A queen and a jack as a starting hand in Texas hold ’em
  5. (military) A person in the military who became an officer by going to college while on active duty as an enlisted person.


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maverick (third-person singular simple present mavericks, present participle mavericking, simple past and past participle mavericked)

  1. (US) To take an unbranded range animal.


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