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From simbols (symbol) +‎ -isks. Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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simbolisks (definite simboliskais, comparative simboliskāks, superlative vissimboliskākais, adverb simboliski)

  1. symbolic (related to, associated with, characterized by, symbols, a symbol)
    simbolisks ornamentssymbolic ornament
    simboliska nozīmesymbolic meaning
    simboliska formasymbolic form
    Aspazija jauno lugu nosauc par simbolisku drāmuAspazija called the new play a symbolic drama
  2. (figuratively) symbolic (such that its value, intensity, effect, etc. is less than usual, less than expected, less than adequate)
    jāmaina pašreizējās simboliskās piemaksas par katra bērna audzināšanu daudzbērnu ģimenēsthe current (merely) symbolic additional payment for the upbringing of every child must be changed


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