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From simbols (symbol) +‎ -isms. Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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simbolisms m (1st declension)

  1. symbolism (late 19th-century, early 20th-century movement in art characterized by the principles of idealism and intuition and by the wide use of symbols in art)
    simbolu lietojums literatūrā jāšķir no dekadentiskā simbolisma, kas simboliem piešķir mistisku saturuthe use of symbols in literature must be distinguished from the decadent symbolism which attributed a mystic content to symbols
    trīs spēcīgie Rietumeiropas mākslas virzieņi: impresionisms, simbolisms un jūgendstilsthree strong Western European art movements: impressionism, symbolism and art nouveau


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