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simbols m (1st declension)

  1. symbol (a sign or group of signs — image, ornament, object, music, text, etc. — which represents an idea or phenomenon in society, in nature, etc.)
    brīvības simbolsa symbol of freedom
    miera simbolsa symbol of peace
    varonības simbolsa symbol of heroism
    revolūcijas simbolsa symbol of revolution
    varas simbolsa symbol of power
    skaistuma, gudrības simbolsa symbol of beauty, of wisdom
    Rīgas simbolsa symbol of Riga
    ar valsts simboliem (ģerboni, karogu vai himnu) sastapties mums nākas diezgan biežiwe came across the state symbols (coat of arms, flag and anthem) rather often
  2. symbol (a sign used in a technical or scientific field to represent a certain idea, entity, or quantity)
    matemātiskais, ķīmiskais simbolsmathematical, chemical symbol
    simbolu sistēmaa system of symbols (= a symbolic system)



Derived terms[edit]