sister from another mister

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By analogy with brother from another mother.



sister from another mister (plural sisters from another mister or sisters from other misters)

  1. (informal) A very close female friend.
    • 2010, Vanessa D[iana] Gilmore, “Dedication”, in You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Tales from a Judicial Diva, [Bloomington, Ind.]: Xlibris, →ISBN:
      My deepest thanks to my sister, Pamela Wilson and to my brother from another mother, Richard Montgomery, and my sister from another mister, Muriel Funches.
    • [2016], Nicole Blades, The Thunder beneath Us[1], New York, N.Y.: Dafina Books/Kensington Publishing Corp., →ISBN:
      And this is our sister from another mister, the fabulous Best Lightburn, but you already know all about her and her work.
    • 2017, Liz Reinhardt, chapter 1, in Rebels Like Us, Don Mills, Ont.: Seventeen Fiction, Harlequin Teen, →ISBN:
      Ollie, my sister from another mister, would have shared her tiny bedroom with me in a heartbeat if I'd asked, but I'd never stoop to asking.
    • 2018, J. Kenner, “An Introduction to the Lexi Blake Crossover Collection”, in Justify Me (A Stark International/Masters & Mercenaries Novella), [s.n.]: Evil Eye Concepts, →ISBN:
      If I've done my job, you'll know and love these characters—sisters from another mister, brothers from another mother.
    • 2020, Felice Mathieu, “The Man behind the Message”, in A Christian Marriage Guide: Preventing Arguments and Promoting Unity in the Christian Marriage, [s.n.]: Felice Mathieu:
      I'm the only child, no brothers, or sisters / Other than brothers from other mothers / Or the sisters from other misters

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