slow roll

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Alternative forms[edit]


slow roll (third-person singular simple present slow rolls, present participle slow rolling, simple past and past participle slow rolled)

  1. (poker slang) To make a long pause before calling an all-in bet with a strong, usually very strong, hand.
  2. (poker slang) To make a long pause before revealing one's winning hand.


slow roll (plural slow rolls)

  1. (poker slang) An instance of slow rolling
    • 2007, Irish Mike, “A strange slow roll”, in, Usenet:
      Saw a very strange slow roll last night in a $20/$40 game. A guy raises with KK and another player calls, all-in, with 99. Flop and turn are rainbow rags. Then, for reasons known only to him and God, the dealer decides to get cute with the river card. He peeks at the corner, pauses dramatically, looks at both players, then turns up a 9 on the river. I've seen a lot of players slow roll but it's unusual to see a dealer do it. A lively discussion followed.

Usage notes[edit]

  • slow rolling is considered bad etiquette by many players, so the term is often used pejoratively