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slut +‎ -ish


sluttish (comparative more sluttish, superlative most sluttish)

  1. (vulgar) Like a slut; sexually promiscuous.
  2. (chiefly dated) Dirty or untidy; disorderly.
    • 1815 (1823 reprint), Walter Scott, Guy Mannering, in the Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverly, volume 3:
      [] an air of liberal, though sluttish, plenty, indicated the wealthy farmer.
    • 1934 George Orwell, Burmese Days:
      [] and it was dark and sluttish as all Burmese rooms are, though U Po Kyin had furnished it 'Ingaleik fashion' with a veneered sideboard and chairs [] "
    • 1996 February 7, Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones's Diary ([1], accessed 2009-08-03), in The Independent (London):
      "Check plates and cutlery for tell-tale signs of sluttish washing up [] "


Derived terms[edit]