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snort +‎ -er


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  • Rhymes: -ɔː(ɹ)tə(ɹ)


snorter (plural snorters)

  1. One who snorts.
  2. (slang) Something extraordinary or remarkable.
    The batsman succumbed to a snorter of short balls from the bowler and nicked a thin edge to the keeper.
  3. (UK, slang) Something that is extremely difficult.
    The maths problem is a real snorter, isn't it?
  4. (slang) A punch on the nose.
    • 1855, Frank L. Dowling, Fights for the Championship and Celebrated Prize Battles, page 128:
      Both ready, and on their guard; Burke evidently waiting for Byrne to commence; but incautiously putting down his hands to wipe them on his drawers, Byrne, as quick as lightning, popped in a snorter.
    • 1857, George Borrow, The Romany Rye:
      And thereupon, remembering that he had threatened to wring my nose, I gave him a snorter upon his own.
  5. (nautical, slang) A powerful gale.