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soda pop (countable and uncountable, plural soda pops)

  1. (US, regional) Any of several sweetened, carbonated beverages.
    On a hot day, there's nothing I like more than soda pop.
    Could you bring me a soda pop? I'm parched!

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the Midwest, except for Wisconsin, soda pop is usually abbreviated to pop, such as "Do you have any pop?"
  • Further, in the Midwest, soda refers to a float (soda pop with ice cream in it), such as "I think I will have a root beer soda." (i.e. what would otherwise be known as a root beer float in non-Midwestern areas).
  • On the East and West Coasts of the United States, 'soda pop' is abbreviated to 'soda', such as "May I have a soda?" Some, however, still use the term 'soda pop'.


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