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sovereign state (plural sovereign states)

  1. A state (country) which has sovereignty over a defined geographic area, is independent of any other country, and has its own government.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:country
    • 2022 July 1, The Japan Times Editorial Board, “Groundbreaking NATO summit means work for Japan”, in The Japan Times[1], archived from the original on 01 July 2022, Editorials:
      Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that physical aggression against a sovereign state is a real danger.
    • 2022, “September 25, 2022”, in Mainland Affairs Council[2], archived from the original on 04 March 2023, Chronology:
      Wang Yi blatantly intimidates the world at the UNGA. He is a cheat and bully on the global stage in fundamental violation of the facts. Democratic countries should clearly recognize and unify against the challenge of authoritarian intervention. The Republic of China is a sovereign state. Taiwan has never been part of the People's Republic of China in historical fact, international law, or reality.


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