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By analogy with the ancient Spartans, who famously possessed these qualities.



spartan (comparative more spartan, superlative most spartan)

  1. Austere, frugal, characterized by self-denial.
    I went on the retreat to the monastery, thinking I would be sleeping in a spartan cell, only to discover a simple but comfortable bedroom.
    • 1960 June, R. C. Riley, “The coastal branches of South-East Devon: Part Two”, in Trains Illustrated, page 337:
      The engine was Class "3" 2-6-2 tank No. 82013, with Driver Sampson (Exmouth), and its roomy draught-free cab was a striking contrast to the spartan comfort offered on the Drummond tank.
    • 2020 August 26, “Network News: Stations investment boosts regeneration, says report”, in Rail, page 17:
      Among its findings, the report says: "In recent years we have seen more stations transformed from run-down Victorian hulks, or spartan bus-sheltered platforms, into places that people can take pride in, feel comfortable in using, and which are fulfilling more of their wider potential.
  2. Resolute in the face of danger or adversity.
    The spartan legionaries vowed to fight to the death.
  3. Lacking in decoration and luxury.
    After ten years as a fashion designer in the rough-and-tumble Garment District, Eloise left New York for the spartan but serene life of a farmer's wife.
    • 1932, Delos W. Lovelace, King Kong, published 1965, page 4:
      [I]t was furnished with the spartan simplicity which characterizes womanless quarters.



Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


spartan m (definite singular spartanen, indefinite plural spartanar, definite plural spartanane)

  1. form removed by a 2016 spelling decision; superseded by spartanar



spartan c


From Latin spartanus, equivalent to Sparta +‎ -an

  1. Spartan, inhabitant of the ancient Greek town of Sparta


Declension of spartan 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative spartan spartanen spartaner spartanerna
Genitive spartans spartanens spartaners spartanernas