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spell +‎ fire


spellfire (uncountable)

  1. (fantasy) The exchange of shots or explosive blasts of spells (from a wand, staff, etc.) as in magical combat.
    • 1995, Lucy Sussex, Judith Raphael Buckrich, She's fantastical (page 191)
      Just the tiniest speck of spellfire pushed into his palm.
    • 2001, Sean K. Reynolds, Angel Leigh McCoy, Duane Maxwell, Magic of Faerun
      She gains one level of spellfire energy for every spell level absorbed and can store a number of spellfire energy levels equal to her Constitution.
    • 2009, Laura Anne Gilman, Flesh and Fire (page 370)
      Jerzy watched the two of them, coming to Agreement over the flickering tendrils of spellfire, and felt something twist in his gut.

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