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squiggle (plural squiggles)

  1. a short twisting or wiggling line or mark
    • 1939, Flora Thompson, Lark Rise
      Even the cold ashes where a gipsy's fire had been sent little squiggles of fear down Laura's spine, for how could she know that they were not still lurking near with designs upon her own person?
  2. (informal) the tilde
  3. an illegible scrawl



squiggle (third-person singular simple present squiggles, present participle squiggling, simple past and past participle squiggled) (transitive, intransitive)

  1. to wriggle or squirm
  2. to make a squiggle
  3. to write (something) illegibly
  4. To shake and wash a fluid about in the mouth with the lips closed.
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Derived terms[edit]