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Alternative forms[edit]


From British dialectal (Cornwall) squiz (to look, examine critically). Perhaps a blend of squint +‎ quiz (to peer at, eye suspiciously).


  • IPA(key): /skwɪz/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɪz


squizz (plural squizzes)

  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand, colloquial) A look.
    • 2002, Chris Rowthorn, Alex Landragin, Kate Daly, Victoria, Lonely Planet, page 297,
      The building itself is worth a squizz; its modern metal forms and structures evoke maritime themes.
    • 2009, William Efford, Picaroon, page 77,
      “That lot heard about the place and came in here on their way to an Antarctic research station. But mostly, it′s just curious folks that drop by for a squizz—like you, for instance.”
    • 2012, Annette Evalyn Swain, Suicide Angels and the Silent Terrorists: A Story About Bullying, iUniverse, page 82,
      “I'll get you to have a look at the paper work and just have a squizz through some patient′s case notes, so you get an idea of how we document our daily nursing units of care. []
    • 2012, Jo Nesbø, The Bat, page 328,
      I think it would be a good idea to have a squizz at Toowoomba′s place.



squizz (third-person singular simple present squizzes, present participle squizzing, simple past and past participle squizzed)

  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand, colloquial, usually with "at") To look, to examine.
    • 1885, Emily Cruwys Sharland, Ways and means in a Devonshire village, a book for mothers′ meetings, page 19,
      “That′s just according to how you bring them up, Jane,” Betsy replied ; “if they′d had porridge from the first, they′d have eaten it fast enough ; and it isn′t good to allow children to be squizzing (looking) into their food and picking it over.”
    • 1998, Patricia Shaw, A Cross of Stars, 2011, unnumbered page,
      He liked to see them laughing, enjoying themselves, squizzing at the antics of whitefellers in party mood.
    • 1999, Lindsay Charman-Love, Top Hat and Taiaha, Huia Short Stories 3, Huia Publishers, New Zealand, page 44,
      Others were off at the shops getting ice blocks or squizzing at the boats down at the wharf.
    • 2010, Linzy Harris, Perdita, Paragon Publishing, UK, page 79,
      She presented me with a bag, and when I squizzed inside I saw it contained five boxes of cigarettes.