stars are aligned

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An allusion to astrological omens.


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stars are aligned

  1. (idiomatic) Present conditions are favorable; future prospects are good.
    • 1998 Feb. 27, David W. Chen, "Insurer Sets Review Plan For Disputes," New York Times (retrieved 24 July 2015):
      "[T]his is something we've been fighting for for years. . . . I think the stars are aligned for legislative action this year."
    • 2001 June 24, Daren Fonda, "Why Tobacco Won't Quit," Time (retrieved 24 July 2015):
      "The stars are aligned for tobacco stocks," says Bonnie Herzog, a tobacco analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston. "Everything is working in their favor."
    • 2011 Nov. 9, Simon Turnbull, "Can London win in Monte Carlo and trump Qatar's big cash pitch?," Independent (UK) (retrieved 24 July 2015):
      Ed Warner, the chairman of UK Athletics, yesterday considered the merits of the domestic governing body's bid to bring the 2017 World Athletics Championships to London and concluded: "Our stars are aligned at the moment."