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Alternative forms[edit]


Learned borrowing from Latin statiōnem. Doublet of stagione, stazzo, stazzone, and stazio, of which the first three were inherited from Latin, while the last was borrowed.


  • IPA(key): /statˈt͡
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -one
  • Hyphenation: sta‧zió‧ne


stazione f or (archaic) m (plural stazioni)

  1. position, posture
  2. a stopping place
    • 1840, Alessandro Manzoni, “Capitolo XXX [Chapter 30]”, in I promessi sposi[1], Tip. Guglielmini e Redaelli, page 577:
      Si disputava quali fossero i reggimenti più indiavolati, se fosse peggio la fanteria o la cavalleria; si ripetevano, il meglio che si poteva, certi nomi di condottieri; d’alcuni si raccontavan l’imprese passate, si specificavano le stazioni e le marce
      There were arguments about which regiments were the wildest; about whichever was worse between infantry and cavalry; some repeated, as best as they could, some names of leaders; the past endeavours/endeavors of some of those were being told, their stops and marches were being specified
    1. stopping, halting (of vehicles)
      Synonyms: arresto, fermata
    2. (Christianity) station (any of the Stations of the Cross)
    3. (astronomy) station (apparent standing still of a superior planet)
  3. station (stopping place for ground transportation)
    stazione ferroviariarailway station
    • 1904, Luigi Pirandello, “7. Cambio treno”, in Il fu Mattia Pascal [The Late Mattia Pascal]‎[2], published 1919, page 88:
      Alla prima stazione italiana comprai un giornale, con la speranza che mi facesse addormentare. Lo spiegai, e al lume del lampadino elettrico, mi misi a leggere.
      At the first Italian station, I bought a newspaper, hoping it would put me to sleep. I unfolded it, and I started reading by the light of the electric lamp.
  4. (by extension, mining) station
  5. a place of residence
  6. (palaeoethnology) a type of prehistorical human settlement
  7. (biogeography) a place inhabited by one or more species
    Synonym: biotopo
  8. a vacation place
  9. a place where workers are stationed
    1. station (place where one performs a task or where one is on call to perform a task)
    2. station (place used for broadcasting radio or television)
    3. store
      • 1343, Giovanni Boccaccio, Amorosa visione [Loving Vision]‎[3], published 1833, page 48:
        E secondochè alcuni degni di fede raccontano, [] egli essendo una volta tra le altre in Siena, e avvenutosi per accidente alla stazione d'uno speziale
        And according to some reliable sources, one of the times he [Dante] was in Siena, and had by chance happened upon a grocer's store

Usage notes[edit]

  • The noun is nowadays regarded as feminine only; its usage as masculine is obsolete.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • Maltese: stazzjon

Further reading[edit]

  • stazione in – Vocabolario Treccani on line, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana