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stob (plural stobs)

  1. (dialectal, Appalachia, Northern England, Scotland) A stick, twig or peg, especially in roofing or matting.
    • 1979, Cormac McCarthy, Suttree, Random House, p.11:
      He climbed from the skiff and tied up at a stob and labored up the thick grassless bank toward the arches where the bridge went to earth.


stob (third-person singular simple present stobs, present participle stobbing, simple past and past participle stobbed)

  1. (dialect, Appalachia, Northern England, Scotland) Regional variant of stab.
  2. (dialect, Northern England, Scotland) To roof with stob-thatch, to make mats with a stob tool.

Scottish Gaelic[edit]


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stob m (genitive singular stuib, plural stoban)

  1. stake (pointed stick)
  2. stump
  3. prick, thorn



stob (past stob, future stobaidh, verbal noun stobadh, past participle stobte)

  1. prick, prod
  2. push, thrust