strap on a pair

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Abbreviation of "strap on a pair of testicles" Also has a military connotation of, "strap on a pair of combat boots". Being ready to stand and defend what is right or that you believe in.


strap on a pair

  1. (idiomatic, indelicate) To be brave; to show some courage, especially in a situation where one has so far failed to do so.
    • 2002 July 17, "Parenting Forum," (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (retrieved 29 Oct 2008):
      The moral of the story is strap on a pair and be a man.
    • 2003 Feb. 1, "The power of words," Automotive Industries (retrieved 29 Oct 2008):
      Somebody clearly needed to "strap on a pair" and say what needed to be said. Forget the flowery words and sensitivity training.


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