strike gold

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As success in a gold rush was measured by whether gold was found.


strike gold (third-person singular simple present strikes gold, present participle striking gold, simple past and past participle struck gold)

  1. (literally) To find gold
  2. (informal) To be lucky, to win or be successful.
    • 1988, Douglas C. Lyons, “What to expect in Seoul”, in Ebony:
      Danny Manning and Edwin Moses quickly come to mind for fans who want American athletes to strike gold this summer.
    • 1995, “Holiday Glitter”, in New York Magazine[1]:
      What follows is a list of sources where buyers are most likely to strike gold.
    • 2003, “Wife Winds $872,884.09 at Online Casino”, in Weekly World News[2]:
      Michele S. is one in a long line of Progressive Jackpot players to strike gold at Lucky Nugget Online Casino