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Calque of German starkes Verb, equivalent to strong +‎ verb.


strong verb (plural strong verbs)

  1. (grammar) Any of a class of Germanic verbs which use ablaut as opposed to a dental affix to indicate tense.
    • 1850, William Chauncey Fowler, English Grammar: The English Language in Its Elements and Forms, New York: Harper & Brothers, →OCLC, page 280:
      CONJUGATION OF THE STRONG VERB "TO TAKE" (Commonly called Irregular.) [...] Present, Take. Past, Took. Perf. Part. Taken.
  2. (grammar) Any of a subset of English irregular verbs which lack the addition of a dental affix to indicate the simple past and past participle tenses.
  3. (grammar, linguistics) A member of a "strong" class in a language with two or more verb classes.
    • 2009, Charles Häberl, The Neo-Mandaic Dialect of Khorramshahr, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, →ISBN, page 177:
      Three basic root consonant classes exist: the strong verb, roots with weak initial root consonant (I-weak verbs), roots with weak final consonants (III-weak verbs), and a composite class...

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