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A plate of stroopwafels


Borrowing from Dutch stroopwafel, from stroop (syrup) + wafel (wafer; waffle).


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  • Hyphenation: stroop‧wa‧fel


stroopwafel (plural stroopwafels)

  1. A Dutch waffle made from two thin wafers with syrup in between.
    • 2008, Marybeth Bond, Best Girlfriends Getaways Worldwide, Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Books, ISBN 978-1-4262-0226-1, page 201:
      Now's your chance to also taste the other local delicacy, stroopwafel. A wafer-and-syrup pastry sandwich served atop a steaming cup of coffee, stroopwafel slowly transforms into a warm, soft treat.
    • 2012, Lawrence Winkler, “Stroopwafel”, in Between the Cartwheels, [S.l.]: Lawrence Winkler, ISBN 978-0-9916941-2-9:
      A waffle is the action, or inaction, of making up your mind. In Holland, when you slice a round one in half, and glue fill it back whole again, with warm caramel, it becomes a vice. And clamped Between the Cartwheels of the stroopwafel, I was the syrup, holding them together, and apart.
    • 2014, Timothy G. Roufs; Kathleen Smyth Roufs, Sweet Treats around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, ISBN 978-1-61069-220-5, page 243:
      [B]akers in Gouda [] were perfecting their well-known diamond patterned stroopwafels ("syrup waffles") which were handmade in Gouda for more than three centuries, lore says, as a way to make use of sugar refinery by-products. Stroopwafels, in spite of their name, are not waffles as North Americans know them. Goudse stroopwafels are another form of cookie, a buttery yeasted iron-baked cookie-dough wafer sliced in half and filled with a unique warm toffee-like mixture of molasses or treacle, sugar, butter, vanilla, and cinnamon, then joined together again.
    • 2015, Rick Steves; Gene Openshaw, Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands, Berkeley, Calif.: Avalon Travel, ISBN 978-1-63121-066-2:
      The Dutch work hard to satisfy their sweet tooth. The quintessential Dutch treat is a stroopwafel—syrup sandwiched between two crispy, thin waffles. Prepackaged stacks of stroopwafels are sold in grocery stores, but a fresh, hot stroopwafel from a street vendor is a revelation.
    • 2015, Jake Woodhouse, Into the Night, London: Penguin Books, ISBN 978-1-4059-1431-4:
      He paused while the waitress deposited his coffee and stroopwafel on the table. He picked up the stroopwafel and put it on top of the coffee cup, like a lid.


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  • IPA(key): /ˈstroːpʋaːfəl/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: stroop‧wa‧fel


stroop +‎ wafel.


stroopwafel f (plural stroopwafels, diminutive stroopwafeltje n)

  1. A syrup waffle, stroopwafel.