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Calque of Chinese 批鬥大會批斗大会


struggle session (plural struggle sessions)

  1. (historical) A form of public humiliation used by China in the Maoist period to shape public opinion and to humiliate or persecute political rivals.
    • 1970, James Chieh Hsiung, Ideology and Practice: The Evolution of Chinese Communism[1], LCCN 69-15748, OCLC 924511570, page 333:
      Wang also delivered a sensational “August 7” speech at the Foreign Ministry in a Red Guard struggle session aimed at Ch’en Yi.
    • 1998, Dittmer, Lowell, Liu Shaoqi and the Chinese Cultural Revolution[2], M.E. Sharpe, →ISBN, LCCN 97-41292, OCLC 37663511, page 84:
      On January 8, Zhou Enlai noted, “You and your friends have come to Zhongnanhai [Liu’s official residence] ... and dragged out Liu and Deng many times.¹²⁴ Yet after a break-in and 40-minute struggle session at his home in Zhongnanhai on January 3 and Wang’s public struggle session on January 6, Liu was granted what would be his last chance to see the chairman. At midnight, January 13, Mao sent his secretary in a nondescript auto to bring Liu to the Great Hall of the People for a talk.
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