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The eighteen stylized symbols representing the standard therbligs.

Alternative forms[edit]


style +‎ -ize. Probably from German stilisieren.



stylize (third-person singular simple present stylizes, present participle stylizing, simple past and past participle stylized)

  1. (transitive) To represent in a particular style.
  2. (transitive) To represent abstractly in a conventional manner, commonly fancifully symbolic, to identify a particular item, by omitting most of the detail that is not unique to the item in question.
    Each of the standard therbligs is represented by its own conventional stylized symbol. For example the therblig for "search" consists of two intersecting curves representing an eye, with a third curve in one corner suggesting looking sideways in searching, whereas the therblig for "find" shows a similar two curves, but with a central circle suggesting that the eye is looking directly at a found object.