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Borrowed from Latin subrogātus, perfect passive participle of subrogō, from sub (under) + rogō (I ask, request). A variant of surrogate.


subrogate (third-person singular simple present subrogates, present participle subrogating, simple past and past participle subrogated)

  1. (law, transitive) To replace one person or thing with another.
    Synonyms: substitute, surrogate
    • 2013 February 7, European Court of Justice, Refcomp SpA vs. Axa Corporate Solutions Assurance SA / Axa France IARD / Emerson Network / Climaveneta SpA,[1], Case C‑543/10, marginals 8 and 10:
      In the course of that work air‑conditioning units were installed. Those units are equipped with compressors which were manufactured by Refcomp, whose registered office is in Italy, purchased from that company and fitted by Climaventa whose registered office is also in Italy, then sold to Doumer by the company Liebert to whose rights Emerson is now subrogated. […] Subrogated to the rights of Doumer, to which it paid compensation, Axa Corporate sued the manufacturer Recomp, the fitter Climaveneta and the seller Emerson before the Tribunal de grande instance de Paris (Regional Court, Paris) seeking an order that they pay in solidum compensation for the damage suffered.
    • 2019, Ginsberg, Martin, Kelley, Ginsberg and Martin on Bankruptcy, Aspen Publishers Online (→ISBN), page 86:
      A co-debtor that pays off a principal creditor has a choice. It can subrogate to the principal creditor's claim or it can file its own claim in the bankruptcy. It cannot do both; its own claim will be disallowed if it seeks subrogation.

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  1. adverbial present passive participle of subrogar




  1. second-person plural present active imperative of subrogō