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suede +‎ -head, influenced by skinhead.


suedehead (plural suedeheads)

  1. A member of an offshoot of the British skinhead subculture, originating in the 1970s and characterised by longer hair and more formal clothing than the skinheads.
    • 1982, Paul Barker, The Other Britain: A New Society Collection:
      Since then, he's been a suedehead and a soul-boy. "I used to go down the discos, wear pegs and American bowling shirts."
    • 2001, Chris Brown, Bovver:
      But Austins was always the clothes shop for the suedeheads.
    • 2013, Joseph O'Connor, Where Have You Been?, page 271:
      Bluebeat and ska from a boombox on the pavement. A suedehead dancing a delirious, inebriated moonstomp with a girl who looked like a solicitor's apprentice.