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From sun +‎ beam.


sunbeam (plural sunbeams)

  1. A visible, narrow, and intense (relative to ambient light) ray of sunlight.
    • 1957, Rudolf Arnheim, Film as Art, page 90,
      I cut-in various other material to this; for instance, a shot of a rushing brook in springtime, with dancing sunbeams reflected in the water; of birds splashing in the village pond; and, finally, of a laughing child.
    • 2001, Raymond L. Lee, Alistair B. Fraser, The Rainbow Bridge: Rainbows in Art, Myth, and Science, page 116,
      Similarly, the rays diverging from the sun will pass by you and converge on the point directly opposite the sun, the shadow of your head. All sunbeams, and thus all shadows, appear to converge there. [] Only perspective makes all shadows appear to converge on the antisolar point. But this point is also the center of the rainbow, so as you look at the rainbow, all sunbeams and shadows will lie along radii of the bow as they flow straight to its center.
    • 2008 (1952), Lotte H. Eisner, Roger Greaves (translator), The Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt, →ISBN, page 68,
      I had frequently had to explain to cameramen that only in the early morning or late in the evening did sunbeams fall from the window as flat as they were usually found in films. The sun being higher during the hours of work, another way of showing sunbeams had to be found.
  2. (Australia, colloquial, dated) An item of cutlery or crockery laid out on a table, but not used, and which can be returned to the drawer without being washed.[1]
  3. Any butterfly of the genus Curetis.
  4. Any hummingbird of the genus Aglaeactis.

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